Human ATM's


This is for money slaves ONLY - if you are not interested

in Financial Domination then you´re in the wrong place.

If you have no desire to spoil Me, pamper Me,Worship Me

or buy Me gifts then again you are in the wrong place.


I am here to be spoiled in every way - so you´d

better have the cash to play a few of My lil' games.



There are lots of ways you can serve Me financially.

The list is inclusive, but exhaustive of the types

of Money games I play. If you have some ideas that

are not listed here then contact Me.





Money is an aphrodisiac. Money brings power!

Have you experienced the intoxication of giving?

Have you felt what it is like to submit to your

Mistress in this sexy way?

Your imagination can start racing as you wonder what

I spend My wealth on. The adrenaline rush you will feel

will take you to another place.

A place where you have searched for in your mind

for a long time.


You need Me to take ownership of your mind,

body, soul, heart and WALLET.

It completes you to know that I will be using your

money to spoil Myself.



You live to put a smile on My face with your 

obedience and servitude.....

You live to have the honor of licking the mud and gravel

from boots with your slave tongue

while I shop with your Credit Card !