About Queen Lisa


I'm dominant in all cases , 
but also an exceptional listener and pride myself 
on providing the absolute best sessions to my submissives tailored to their interests and limits. 
I am an open minded domme who will help you 
explore your submissive side until 
you are addicted to suffering for my pleasure.
            While I am sadistic, kinky, and extremely open minded , 
I am also a very intuitive mistress. 
You need to explore your sumissive side with me.
 I know that you will be more fullfilled once you have suffered 
for my own pure amusement. 
This is why I love being a dominatrix. 
Many times during ,a session , I cannot resist smiling 
or even laughing at the suffering and humiliation
 that you will endure during your precious time with me. 
Afterwards , you will be a better person, more relaxed and content that you have quenched your submissive side with me,your Mistress Enchantress Lisa .
I am not your princess!
I am the Queen around this bitches.
I am strict,uncompromising,evil and sadistic Goddess.
I have no need for a man without a purpose.
Your sole purpose in life is to keep Me happy.
Comfort,convenience and worry free life is happiness.
Money can buy all three.
I don´t have to validate myself to you or any other bitch.
You must submit to Me.
You will come to Me on your knees willing
and ready,with your asshole,mind,heart and wallet wide open for Me
to fuck.
Becoming my slave is something you have to do for yourself
by being true,passionate and wholy obedient.
I HATE freeloaders,cheap fuckers and men,
who want waste my time.
If you really want to be abused by Me and want my atention,
show Me some devotion.
Impress Me!
I want your money.Your money make Me happy and if you think
you really want to be my bitch,
that wallet will be opened up to Me at all times.
There is no one  flaw on The Queen.
Everything from my natural red hair to the jam in between my toes
were created in perfection.
If you think to you´ve got what it takes to grovel at my feet
and worship Me in every way then apply.
E-mail Me .
I have done that whole Dungeon and it is Me.
I am The Queen in the scene
but I am professional and my service is charged.