Slave's Engagement



Agreeing to my Rules, you can only  :



  1.  be Naked or dressed which Mistress define ;

  2.  must satisfy every order of Mistress quickly and preciously

      of course in time ;

 3.  be never right , just if Mistress says ;

 4.   can not go to the toilet without express agree of Mistress ;

 5.   can not eat or drink without express agree of Mistress ;

 6.   move only in position which is define by Mistress at the

      current time ;

 7.   kneel every time when  Mistress wants ;

 8.   can not masturbate or satisfy himself in any other ways,only if Mistress allows ;

 9.  agree with Mistress when she wants to punish her slave at any time and any matter

      provided there will be not permanent injury ;

10.  must respect the rules of the agreement and will be totally

      controlled by the Mistress ;